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The heat is rising in Europe: a ‘giant pizza oven’ |  News

The heat is rising in Europe: a ‘giant pizza oven’ | News

After a week of sun and heat in southern Europe, Italian health authorities have tightened weather warnings even more. Last week, the temperature in several places in the country reached the 40 mark, and the temperature is only expected to rise this week.

And not only the Mediterranean countries were affected by the narcotic heat. Even in North Macedonia, warnings of high heat have been extended for the next 10 days, as it appears it will approach 35 degrees Celsius.

Climate scientist Hannah Klock likens current weather conditions in southern Europe to a “giant pizza oven”.

A hot air bubble has burst over southern Europe. It has turned Italy and neighboring countries into a giant pizza oven. We haven’t even seen the hottest temperatures yet, she told the magazine grist.

Climate scientist Brenda Equorzel says the heat waves we’re seeing right now are not exceptional events.

– This is what a turbocharged world of climate change looks like, she told The Associated Press.

Severe weather – more likely

Today’s heat waves last an average of 24 hours longer than they did 60 years ago, according to reports Watchman Referring to figures from the American Nora Agency.

Experts the paper spoke to also warned that the possibility of periods of extreme heat will become increasingly likely as long as fossil emissions do not fall. In addition, heat will affect people more when the body does not have time to recover.

“Until we rapidly reduce fossil fuel emissions, extreme events like the heat wave we are seeing in Europe now will become more likely,” says Leslie Mabon, lecturer in environmental sciences at the Open University.

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