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The historic building of the Stock Exchange in Copenhagen caught fire – and the tower collapsed

The historic building of the Stock Exchange in Copenhagen caught fire – and the tower collapsed

The first alarm about the fire reached the police at 07:36 on Tuesday morning, when smoke was seen spreading from Copenhagen's famous stock exchange house, Børsen. A large area in central Copenhagen was cordoned off.

– This is our Notre Dame, says Copenhagen resident Henrik Graage, in Danish TV2.

Emergency management director Jacob Fedsted Andersen told the TV channel that it was a “very, very big fire” and that extinguishing work would likely take a whole day.

– He says that it is burning from the basement to the attic in the middle of the building, and indicates that it is still unclear what caused the fire.

The stock exchange is located in the center of Copenhagen. picture: SVT News

The tower has collapsed

Dating back to 1625, Börhuset is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen and is famous for its twisting tower that rises above the main building. Reports said the teacher collapsed shortly before 8 a.m. on Tuesday ExtrabladetWho writes that “crazy scenes” occur at the site:

“A large number of people are trying to rescue the distinctive and valuable artifacts usually found inside the exchange. Among other things, you can see many people executing a huge painting.”

Copenhagen Police are urging people not to get out into traffic in central Copenhagen unnecessarily.

“We have closed Borsgade, Knebelsbrough and Strandgade. We urge people to stay away from the area.” X.

The famous stock exchange tower burns before collapsing. picture: Ida Marie Odgaard

“400 years of Danish cultural heritage is burning”

The Danish Culture Minister responded on Tuesday to news of the fire at the famous house, which has been a center for Danish business since the 17th century.

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“Terrifying images from Børsen this morning. 400 years of Danish cultural heritage burning.” X.

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