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Trump has been nominated again – now there will be a trial  the world

Trump has been nominated again – now there will be a trial the world

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The article in brief

Donald Trump's latest attempt to delay the trial was rejected in New York, where he said media hype would prevent an impartial jury.

Judge Juan Merchan rejected Trump's arguments, noting that Trump himself had contributed to much of the publicity surrounding his legal case.

Despite repeated attempts to delay, jury selection for the trial, which concerns payments to Stormy Daniels, begins Monday.

Donald Trump has stated that he intends to testify at the trial, claiming that he will only tell the truth.

However, it is uncertain whether Trump will actually testify, as he has previously withdrawn from similar positions.

Judge Juan Merchan on Friday rejected the latest (and final) attempt by Donald Trump and his lawyers to delay the trial in Manhattan. It's the fourth failed attempt in four desperate attempts this week alone. Also last week, he tried to postpone the trial.

Trump said all the publicity surrounding the case means it will be impossible to select a jury that does not have “exceptionally preconceived” opinions about the case. Therefore, the trial will be postponed indefinitely.

The judge didn't buy the argument.

“Trump appears to be taking the position that his situation and this issue are unique and that the propaganda will never subside. This perception does not correspond to reality,” Juan Merchan wrote in his decision.

Merchan pointed to the two defamation trials involving E. Jean Carroll and the fraud trial in Manhattan in which Trump himself is “personally responsible for much, if not most, of the publicity through his public statements” outside of courtrooms and on social media.

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Trump says he will testify

He added that these matters relate to jury selection — that's where you try to make sure the jury is as impartial as possible. Jury selection for the trial begins on Monday, then negotiations will continue, with Trump now saying he will testify.

– I will tell the truth. The truth is that there is nothing here, and they have nothing to build a case on.

But notes The New York TimesDonald Trump has said several times in the past that he would testify just to change his mind. This happened, for example, in the fraud case, when he dropped testimony the day before he was scheduled to testify. According to the newspaper's sources, he will wait to see how strong the evidence presented by the prosecution is and whether the judge agrees to limit the prosecution's ability to question him before actually deciding whether he will testify or not.