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The immortal Diablo bends under the weight of criticism.  Don't play without money?

The immortal Diablo bends under the weight of criticism. Don’t play without money?

Diablo Immortal officially appeared on June 2. Even before that date, there were a lot of advertisements that stunned the hearts of fans of the series.”Diablo“No wonder, as it was known that the production date was set between the second and third installments. So it was certain that players would see Many new flavors and items that complement the universe’s plot background.

A lot of excitement arose when more interviews with the game’s producers were posted on the web. The developers announced it micropaymentsWhich everyone was afraid of, it will be optional and will not greatly affect the comfort of playing. It was even promised that the wealth of the wallet would not affect the quality of the hours spent in the new game from Blizzard.

Since the official premiere of the movieImmortal Diablo“It’s been a few days, so we decided to look at different aspects of the Internet and make a short review of the comments of those who have already had the opportunity to delve into this address. There are many indications of this. Blizzard’s Promises They don’t actually have confirmation.

“I grew up in Diablo. I survived this production for an hour, this is kind of a failure, a version of the Chinese MMO, where they want to withdraw money at every step” – one comment replied.

“I played 10 minutes on PC and let it go. Blizzard doesn’t remind me of it, it didn’t even stand next to this company on the shelf” – echoed another.

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