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The International Space Station introduces new cracks in the Zarya module

The International Space StationHuman habitation in outer space for more than two decades is deteriorating and new cracks are evidence of this.

according to ReutersThe astronauts discovered new surface cracks in the unit Zarya, The first to shape the spacecraft and which currently serves as a storeroom.

The discovery, initially reported by Vladimir Solovyov, a former cosmonaut and chief engineer of Space Rocket and Energy, only confirms the trend: International Space Station Up to service time limit.

Goodbye to the International Space Station

The cracks in the ship are superficial and pose no danger to its crew at this time, but they may spread over time, causing an emergency in space.

For a few years now, astronauts have discovered cracks in the station and had to use unorthodox methods like throwing tea leaves to find them.

All this corresponds to the initial calculations on International Space Station, which planned an initial operation until 2024. And “from a technical point of view, we found that it will be able to fly until 2028,” NASA said long ago.

Although companies like SpaceX would like to maintain it for many years of life, this cannot be the case.

Likewise, alternatives are already being developed. In addition to Russia’s future efforts to have its own station, China is assembling the Tiangong, its own spacecraft. NASA itself, under the Artemis project, will focus its efforts on Gateway, a station that will orbit the moon.

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