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The last obstacle on Raku’s way to the group stage. When is the first match? football

In the first match between Raku and Ruben, which was held in Bielsko-Biała, a goalless draw was scored. This meant that the hosts were an obvious candidate in Kazan for promotion, but Racco wanted to do what he had done well in the Polish backyard, thus making a big surprise.

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Few of the Polish coaches analyze their opponents as accurately as Micniewicz.

However, for the second time, after the legal 90 minutes, the score was 0: 0. The promotion issue was resolved in the second half of overtime. First, Kwaratskelia, raging on the field, was taken off the field, and in the first action after the second half Toys Samosznikow Długosz blundered so badly that he looked at the second yellow and red card.

Delighted after Raków was promoted to el. LKE. “You are a man of legend!”

Raków quickly used his numerical advantage. In the 111th minute of the match, the Polish runner-up made an excellent measure, the culmination of which was Papanicolaou’s pass to Gutkowskis, who defeated the opponent’s goalkeeper with a header from the penalty area.

This was not the end of feelings, because in the last measure of the match, according to the Hungarian referee, Dominic Widra fouled the opponent in the penalty area. Despite the protests of Rakov’s players, there was a penalty, but again Vladan Kovacevich, who brilliantly defended Sid Haksapanovich’s shot from 11 meters and gave Rakov Shestoshova a historic success in the form of eliminating Rubin Kazan and advancing to the fourth round of the tournament. European Conference qualifying round, once again confirmed his skills.

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Raku already knows his opponent in the fourth round of the ECA qualifying round. What are the matches?

In the next round, Raków Częstochowa will face KAA Gent. The Belgian team turned out to be slightly better than the Latvian Riga. In the first match, which was held in Belgium, the draw was 2: 2. In Latvia, the Gent players turned out to be better, winning 1-0. Thus, the Belgian national team is the last obstacle for Raku Czestochova on his way to the group stage of the European Conference League. The Belgian team is well known to the Polish fans. In 2018, Jagiellonia Białystok faced this team in the third round of the European League qualification. Poland lost 1:4 on aggregate (0:1 in Bialystok and 1:3 in Ghent). In addition, Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe is famous for his appearance in Legia Warszawa.

Raków wins, Marek Babszon is crazy without a shirt.  Beautiful joy in the toilet [WIDEO]Raku met his opponent in the fight for the group stage of the Conference League. It won’t be easy

Last home and away match before Raku Chistochova. When is the first match?

It will be one of the most important matches for Raków Częstochowa in the club’s 100-year history. Raku has never played in European Cups before. The first match against KAA Gent will take place on June 19 in Bielsko-Biawa. The rematch is scheduled for August 26 in Belgium. At the moment, there is no confirmation on where this meeting will be available.