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The leaning towers in Bologna are in danger of collapsing

Published on 2023-12-02 14.05

Bologna has closed the medieval Garicenda Tower.

A medieval tower in the Italian city of Bologna – which leans as much as its famous counterpart in Pisa – has been cordoned off due to the risk of it collapsing, the BBC reports.

Authorities have now begun building a five-metre-high barrier around the 47-metre-high tower to protect people and buildings if it falls.

The Garicinda Tower is one of Bologna’s famous landmarks and another preserved medieval tower. The second tower, the Asinelli, is about twice as high and also leans, but not as sharply. The towers were built between 1109 and 1119, but the height of the Garicinda decreased in the 14th century when it began to lean.

In October this year, changes in the tower’s tilt were detected using sensors, and inspections then revealed deterioration in the building’s foundations.

The situation is critical, according to the authorities, who are now planning how to save the tower. The project is described as an “extraordinary challenge” that requires “a commitment from the entire city and from every person around the world who loves Bologna and one of its most important symbols.”

The restoration process is expected to be long and expensive, with the city estimating that the cost of the wall alone will amount to the equivalent of 50 million Swedish krona. So a collection process has been started where residents and tourists can help contribute.

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