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Large amounts of snow in Europe – avalanche warnings and flight cancellations

All flights departing from Munich Airport were canceled on Saturday due to heavy snowfall. More than 40 centimeters of snow fell on Germany, and traffic could not resume until Sunday. Local media reported amounts of snow that had not been measured in decades. In Passau, among other cities, a new record was set in December – a snow depth of 56 cm. Thousands of homes lost power in Bavaria on Saturday due to trees falling on power lines.

In the Tyrol and Vorarlberg regions of Austria, the authorities raised the avalanche warning level to the second highest level. In Switzerland, there is also a risk of avalanches due to the large amount of fresh snow.

Great Britain and Denmark also received a lot of snow over the weekend. In the Czech Republic, snow closed roads on Saturday and electricity was cut off for about 15,000 families. The German train company Deutsche Bahn warned that train traffic in the southern parts of the country would be affected until at least Monday.

Warnings for Low temperatures will apply to large parts of central Europe, as well as in northern Italy and parts of France. In southern Russia and parts of Ukraine, a severe snowstorm last week caused at least ten weather-related deaths.

In Sweden, the weather is colder than usual in almost all of the country, and the cold is expected to continue through the beginning of next week. In northern Dalarna, Jämtland County and western parts of Västerbotten County, temperatures were up to twelve degrees colder than normal on Saturday, according to SMHI.

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– The cold weather will continue at the beginning of next week. It looks like the case in the south at least, and perhaps mainly in Götaland and in southern Sveland, and it could get a little colder, says meteorologist Sofia Söderström.

In the Stockholm area, the temperature is expected to remain negative until Wednesday.

– In the southern parts of Skåne County, there may be one or two plus degrees during Tuesday, says Sofia Söderström.