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Diamond’s Danish daughter released from prison in Dubai |  pleasure

Diamond’s Danish daughter released from prison in Dubai | pleasure

Police in Dubai on Friday arrested 26-year-old Elvira Petzner on suspicion of treason – a crime that could lead to prison. According to her mother, Katerina Pitzner, her daughter’s former partner, Milad Saadati, is the one bringing the accusations against her.

But now comes the good news. Elvira Petzner has been allowed to leave prison, a source told Ekstrabladet.

– A familiar resident of Dubai, among other places, helped to obtain legal assistance, so that it was possible to release Elvira, the source tells the Danish newspaper.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs must also be involved in this matter.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the detention of a Danish national in Dubai. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance,” a press spokesperson wrote to Ekstrabladet.

It is not permissible to leave the United Arab Emirates

Elvira Pitzner was allowed to leave prison, but was not allowed to leave the UAE. The authorities confiscated her passport to ensure that she remained in Dubai.

Reality File is part of the Danish diamond trading family Pitzner, known from the TV series “Diamond Family” on the Danish channel TV2. For a few years, the family has been living in Dubai.

Elvira Pitzner and her ex-husband Milad Saadati got married in the United Arab Emirates in 2021. Regarding the wedding, Elvira Pitzner was subject to the Islamic Sharia laws prevailing in the country.

The couple has since separated from each other, which Saadati confirmed to the Dane Look and listen in August.

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