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The most important victory of the Poles in the League of Nations.  "There are many reasons to be happy about this"

The most important victory of the Poles in the League of Nations. “There are many reasons to be happy about this”

– In the context of the promotion to the final in Bologna, this victory will weigh a lot – tells us the center of the Polish national team Mateusz Bieniek. In Sofia on Wednesday, the Polish team defeated Brazil 3-1.

Grzegorz Wojnarowski

Mateusz Bieniek

Getty Images / Mateusz Bieniek / In Photo: Mateusz Bieniek

For the first time in history, the Poles played in a match as the leaders of the FIVB rankings, and after 16 years of rule they were pushed from first place with the team. They pretended to be worthy of the leaders and showed the Brazilians that they are now a better team than they are.

Head coach Nikola Grbić’s team won after four sets, not a single match was evenly matched. The first and third our team won the most (25:16), the second “Canarinos” (25:22). In the fourth stage, Biało-Czerwoni took the lead 17: 8 and then their rivals made huge losses but did not lead to a tie-break (Poles 25:22).

– We were ready for a tough match, and it was like that – says Mateusz Bieniek. – First of all, this is Brazil, she does not give up matches without a fight. Second, in the first match they lost two matches at home, so here in Sofia they definitely want to adjust their balance. Third, they came in strong order, and this is the first time we have played in such an order.

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– However, we had strong arguments. We played well, played better on defense and defense. There is no such element as bad, then it is difficult to play against us – the center of the Polish team and PGE Skra Bełchatów believes.

The play played a key role in Wednesday’s game. In the service sector, the Poles performed better than the Brazilians. They served up to thirteen aces, with only one of their rivals. Bieniek scored seven points and was the most efficient in the service sector.

– I definitely had a lot of tickets in the league. And in law? I do not know. Maybe it’s my record. A good start is important. If you play one card, the other, you will have confidence. I first got one point with a shortcut and then I added another with a strong service I already knew would be right because Brazilians need to notice more than one variation of my service. Nicola gave me the green light all the time to take the risk, and the result was those seven points. However, I’m still far from Wilfred Leon’s record. His record is 13 aces, so to raise him I have to add many more.

– I admire these cards, but the most important thing to me is that we defeated a very strong opponent. We have not even finished half of the League of Nations yet, but in the context of reaching the final in our target Bologna, this victory will weigh heavily. There are many reasons to enjoy and appreciate it – insists the 28-year-old volleyball player.

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Bieniek also revealed how Polish volleyball players spend time together this year. Last year, they played the popular multiplayer game “Among Us”. Now they have another fun game on the wallpaper, “Stumble Guys”.

– Another year and another common sneak peek. In the game, we drive our guys on different maps. The whole team, our physiotherapist, is playing with it. It’s not just a simple game, but it’s emotional because we each want to win. Kuba Kochanovsky is probably number one. However, many boys follow the “coach”.

Grzegorz Wojnarowski, journalist for WP SportoweFakty

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