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The great pioneers of Greck.  Most famous captains of the Polish national volleyball team (photos)

The great pioneers of Greck. Most famous captains of the Polish national volleyball team (photos)

Bartos Kurek was announced in May as the new captain of the Polish volleyball team. For the first time since this nomination, he has played in the League of Nations tournament in Sofia. The striker joined the team of the best volleyball players who played this role. Who was the forerunner of Krek? See the attached photo gallery.

The role of the captain in the volleyball team is not limited to formal issues (participation in the draw, signing the match protocol). The captain – along with the coach – is responsible for the behavior of the other team on the playing field. During a match, only the player who has this function can argue with the referees, e.g. To explain the decision of the arbitrator.

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The role of the captain in the team is also important and his influence on the team is not only during the matches but also off the field. Therefore, this function is often handed over to players with team power, leadership qualities, excellent volleyball skills or long playing experience. The captain’s choice can be determined by the players’ vote or the coach’s decision.

How to distinguish the captain from the other team? Marked by a patch underlining his number on the jersey of the volleyball team captain.

Many top volleyball players captained the Polish national team. Here are the most famous of them – players who have played this role for a long time and in the most important events:

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