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This place is amazing now!  Check out the Polish Maldives, i.e. Crotech Park in Javarsno.  Check out the photos

This place is amazing now! Check out the Polish Maldives, i.e. Crotech Park in Javarsno. Check out the photos

Travel. Grootech Park has been a tourist attraction in our voyage for many years. The steep cliffs and clear and blue waters make this place the Polish Maldives. Spring is so beautiful here. See these photos.

The Crotech Park in Javarsno enjoys spring

One of the most beautiful areas of Silesian Voyotoship is Park Grootech. It is located in the quiet and lush area of ​​Javorsno. Despite the word park in the name, it is actually a botanical garden, an arboretum. It is overseen by the Silesian Botanical Garden.

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Tourists from all over Poland and abroad come here for a walk. They are fascinated by the atmosphere of this place. Park Grootek was popularly known as Poland Croatia or Polish Maldives. Everyone is delighted by the steep cliffs above the blue water. There was frequent water shortage here last season. While a beautiful landing with the Gazebo, there was no water, which spoiled the magical effect of this place. There’s a lot of water here again this spring – even if the platforms are under water. It adds extra charm to the place.

We have several walkways at Crotech Park. Many people ride bikes and roller skates here. It is usually quiet and peaceful here, so you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many beautiful plants, shrubs and trees around. Crootech Park is also home to many birds that happily sing to welcome us to this place.

When the upper part happens, we have to be careful. Although many people cross the fence to take monumental photos, it is fenced. Accidents here are easy to spot because it is often slippery. A fall from such a height can end tragically, so for our sake, we should not cross the fenced areas of the cliff.

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(38 photos)

This place is amazing now! Look at the Polish Maldives, i.e. …

Unfortunately, one of the most interesting attractions has disappeared from Crotec Park. For many years, Peshwa was run by the Bethlehem community. We can relax, talk, and admire beautiful animals. Sheep, albaca or kangaroo. Unfortunately, City Hall, as part of a warehouse for epidemics, did not decide to extend the contract, and the animals disappeared from Cretek. We can admire them in the Bethlehem community located in the district of Debrova Narodova in ul. Długa 16. This is a shame. Various events were held here and on Sunday you can participate in the Holy Mass. Now the area in Bagovka has grown desolate. No one seems to care about him.