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SPEEDWAY: Chrysstof drove down to Crosby in Wroclaw for criticism

SPEEDWAY: Chrysstof drove down to Crosby in Wroclaw for criticism

Kasprak returned to the GKM organization and “defeated” Pav Misiakka from him. Prior to the match, Kasprag announced to Eleven Sports Cameras that this was the end of his equipment problems and that he now hopes to return to the GKM team. After acting with Sparta it seems unbelievable.

In the first two races the competitor compromised himself. In the first start he came 40 meters behind three competitors and fought for the best positions.

He did not finish the second race. He was driving so far back that at one point he got off the track. – I believe this is a shortcoming – said Jacek Fruitzak, an expert at the Eleven Sports Center diplomatically.

Kasprak was watching his motorcycle on the lawn. – What does he want to see there? You do not see the machine on the ground – said Pyotr Olkovich, author of Eleven Sports.

– It does not matter whether there was a defect or not, Krzysztof drives badly today, motorcycles do not go. The player was sidelined for a few races and I understand he needs to be tested in battle, in addition, Pav Music does not drive frantically, but given the conditions we have in Rogo, who knows Pav may not perform better – said Fratzak – I think Alaska will make a certain impression, The month will appear at the next GKM meeting, and it will be a competition for life – said Fredzac.

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Krzysztof Kasprzak explained the shortcoming with the power outage. – There is very little talk about this – said Eleven Sports.

In the third match, Kasprak’s embarrassment continued. The contestant got a third chance. After a random start, the race was interrupted, meaning Kasprak … replaced the bike. He started well on the resumption, but in the end he had to defend against the attacks of the junior Korsitek, and with great difficulty he brought a point.

By his fourth start, everything was back to “normal”. Kasprak rode with the stars (Janowski, Woffinton, Peterson) and came 50 meters behind.

We would like to remind you that Kasprag has been the World Personal Supporting Champion since 2014.