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The mysterious “monster” on the tree was a croissant

A frightened woman alerted the Animal Welfare Society in Krakow, Poland, to the presence of a mysterious creature or “monster” in the tree outside her home. Now neither she nor her neighbors dared open their windows because they were afraid the creature would creep in, and they wanted someone to get there quickly and remove it.

“He’s been sitting here for two days and everyone is scared of him!”According to the Animal Welfare Association KTOZ, the woman explained, who tell themselves about everything in a humorous way Posts on Facebook.

Then two KTOZ inspectors withdrew. Immediately beside the tree, they discovered the “brown creature” that was sitting on a tree branch, according to others. World news.

“His dark complexion shines in the sun”, KTOZ wrote in his post.

“We are taking a closer look and the poor man has no legs or a head.”

In the end, the truth emerges.

The mysterious being in the tree was not an animal, but a croissant.

Yes, you read it right.

Then the inspectors removed the doughy “monster” from the tree and assured the woman that she was completely safe. After that, they went back to their office and posted a post on Facebook – it quickly went international.

KTOZ themselves say that even if the incident seemed a bit ridiculous, it still pays to contact them when they see something suspicious. The only tragedy in this case is that someone had a good breakfast croissant.

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