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The new Finnline ship will start operating tomorrow

The new Finnline ship will start operating tomorrow

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023 – 06:25Updated: Thursday 14 September 2023 – 07:07

After approximately 12,500 nautical miles, Finnline’s new vessel Finnsirius has arrived in Naantandal and is ready for the maiden voyage to Kapellsk√§r on Friday.

Vincerius was baptized in the port of Nantan by the ship’s godmother Tina Ahola The selection of Tiina Ahola as the godmother of Finnsirius celebrates the long-standing cooperation between Finnlines and the Ahola Group, which together sustain a significant portion of Finnish trade.

Previously a freight company that only accepted car passengers, it now also welcomes walking passengers.

– Freight is Finnline’s core business, but it is a real pleasure to offer the new service concept to our passengers, he says Antonio RaymoLine Manager at Finnlines.

The two current ships on the route, Europalink and Vincoin, have a capacity of approximately 500 passengers per vessel, and the new ships will accommodate 1,100 people per boat.

Facts about Vincereus

Boat type: robax cargo and passenger vessel
Length: 235.6 m
Width: 33.3 m
Distance traveled on car tires: 5,200
Total load: 65,692
Payload: 11980
Iskclass: 1 super
Engines: 4 x 7200 kW
Speed: 16.3 / 21.0 knots
Flag country: Finland
Passengers: 1,100
Cabins: 323

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