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The new Finnline ship will start operating tomorrow

The new Finnline ship will start operating tomorrow

Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023 – 06:25Updated: Thursday 14 September 2023 – 07:07

After approximately 12,500 nautical miles, Finnline’s new vessel Finnsirius has arrived in Naantandal and is ready for the maiden voyage to Kapellskär on Friday.

Vincerius was baptized in the port of Nantan by the ship’s godmother Tina Ahola The selection of Tiina Ahola as the godmother of Finnsirius celebrates the long-standing cooperation between Finnlines and the Ahola Group, which together sustain a significant portion of Finnish trade.

Previously a freight company that only accepted car passengers, it now also welcomes walking passengers.

– Freight is Finnline’s core business, but it is a real pleasure to offer the new service concept to our passengers, he says Antonio RaymoLine Manager at Finnlines.

The two current ships on the route, Europalink and Vincoin, have a capacity of approximately 500 passengers per vessel, and the new ships will accommodate 1,100 people per boat.

Facts about Vincereus

Boat type: robax cargo and passenger vessel
Length: 235.6 m
Width: 33.3 m
Distance traveled on car tires: 5,200
Total load: 65,692
Payload: 11980
Iskclass: 1 super
Engines: 4 x 7200 kW
Speed: 16.3 / 21.0 knots
Flag country: Finland
Passengers: 1,100
Cabins: 323

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