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The new PS5 is getting too hot: Sony exacerbates the old problem

The new PS5 is getting too hot: Sony exacerbates the old problem


The new PS5: Sony exacerbates the problem of its predecessors

The new PS5 seems to exacerbate the problem its predecessors faced.

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Updated: 08/31/2021 – 6:51 PM

The new PS5 is here and should serve the already high demand. In fact, it seems to have a drawback compared to the basic version.

The original two versions of the next-gen console already suffer from a flaw that now appears to have been exacerbated: The new PS5 is getting very hot. This appears to be caused by a much weaker cooling system than Sony’s installed in my 2020 models.

New PS5: suboptimal cooling

This rather unpleasant innovation caught the eye of YouTuber Austin Evans. In his video, he asked what components the developer could have saved in order to reduce the weight of the new PS5 compared to its predecessors.

It soon became apparent that Sony had dealt with the heat sink as well as minor modifications to the console’s WLAN module. The company appears to have reduced this significantly. This may be due to the fact that the heat development inside the system is stronger and that it heats up more quickly.

The PlayStation 5 and the digital version share the problem

Shortly after Sony Interactive released its new generation of consoles, users noticed that the devices had a problem with their cooling systems. In the subreddit for the PlayStation 5 and the digital edition, they shared and commented on this massive bug.

The resulting problems are also adequately described by the players:

“I’m having issues with visuals on the PS5 (physical media version). I’ve been playing Astro’s Playroom for a few hours – great game, by the way! – and over time I’ve noticed those weird white pixels or artifacts that were mostly on the surface of some objects. I’m not sure Than if this was supposed to be a visual effect of the game, but I downloaded Demon Souls and had a similar visual issue. Below are a few clips from Demon Souls, especially.”

Cowell: YouTube/Austin Evans, Reddit

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