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The new Windows 11 reduces computer performance and internet speed

The new Windows 11 reduces computer performance and internet speed

Recently, Microsoft officially released a new program in the form of Windows 11. It was already quite high regarding it, incl. Because of the hardware requirements that computers must meet in order for the software to function properly. We are now getting information that Windows 11 is causing some problems.

The first error Nearly 3x, unintended latency increase in L3 cache accesses. It’s about her On AMD Ryzen units. This translates to lower computer performance when running cache-dependent applications It decreases by 3-5%. It’s worse when it comes to esports games. When turned on, the recorded drops may be 10 to 15 percent.

This may be due to the fact that Modified scheduler in Windows 11 Does not use UEFI CPPC2 technologycontained in AMD processors. This feature allows you to It highlights the two favorite cores of the operating system, thanks to which it maintains the highest clock speed. According to the manufacturer’s tests, the most visible drips are with the Ryzens they offer At least 8 cores with TPD above 65W.

The second problem is The network connection is slower. According to Microsoft, this may be driver related “Killer” and “SmartByte”used by Intel and Realtek. These difficulties are most evident in Download pages and movies.

The good news is that both Microsoft and AMD are aware of the issue and have already announced it Already working on the corresponding fix. The update that made the necessary changes will already be published During the October update.