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The occupation regime in Luhansk: the siege of Lysytjansk

The occupation regime in Luhansk: the siege of Lysytjansk

Russian forces and the forces of the Russian-appointed occupation regime are besieging the city of Lutyansk in the Luhansk region, which has been subjected to heavy bombardment in recent weeks, according to the military spokesman for the occupation regime, Andrei Maroshko.

Ukrainian soldiers can no longer leave the city, he told the Russian Interfax agency.

The information has not been confirmed by Ukraine.

Luhansk and Donetsk provinces make up the Donbass region, where Russia has intensified its offensive since the country’s withdrawal of forces from northern Ukraine and the Kyiv region this spring.

old soviet robot

On Saturday, more information was received about the attack in the Odessa region on Friday, in which a robot crashed into an apartment building and at least 21 people lost their lives.

It may have been a KH-22 robot, according to the Daily Situation Update from the UK Ministry of Defense.

The British write that the KH-22 is an inaccurate Soviet Navy target robot, “unsuitable for precision attacks” and has likely caused civilian casualties in recent weeks. The KH-22 is being used when the inventory of more modern robotics begins, according to intelligence.

Connecting to nuclear power plants

In the south, the Ukrainian Atomic Energy Agency Energotom re-established its connection with the monitoring systems at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. He writes authority on his Telegram channel.

The nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, has been occupied by Russian forces since the beginning of March.

“The IAEA lost contact with its monitoring systems after the occupiers cut all lines,” the agency wrote.

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The IAEA has long wanted to inspect the plant located in southern Ukraine as soon as possible, but in order not to legitimize the Russian occupation, Ukraine is against such a visit.