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Papamobil electrophoresis

The Pope has a wonderful life

The electric paper cart from the well-known Fisker company will go to Pope Francis next year. It would be so environmental that even the carpets would be made of plastic bottles caught from the ocean.

The Pope has a wonderful life. He is the head of an international company that has been developing dynamically for two thousand years. It is an authority on theological and ethical issues. He is making the pilgrimage all over the world, and has a connection to many fun cars. It is enough to replace the Opel Vectra in Poland or Ferrari World Cup in Italy. Car companies are happy that the head of the Catholic Church is moving their products. No wonder some of them have given the pope individual copies for many years as part of well-planned marketing efforts. During his office, Pope Francis received a Lamborghini Huracan painted in papal colors, which was later auctioned off for charity. His automobile dreams also came true because he got a Dacia Duster Prestige clone. Recently, it was given by Toyota Mirai, which there was a problem, because it turned out that the nearest hydrogen charging station is 650 km from the Vatican.

Pope Francis signs Huracan mask for auction /. Photo of

Mirai, however, is much better than Huracan in the Pope’s teachings. It declares that a good Christian, or simply every good person, must take care of the planet, because it is a common good. The Vatican under Francis aggressively promoted electric cars. There are 20 free charging stations in its area. Two cars can be charged simultaneously at each. Now the next thing will come – the most important.

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The all-electric Papamobil will be produced by Fisker

We all know this company from a great project called Karma. Company founder Henrik Fisker and his wife Geepta visit the Pope and after announcing to the public that he deeply admires Francis and his concern for the environment. That is why he decided to deliver his first electric car, which will be built on the basis of an SUV with the beautiful name Ocean. It looks like this:

Papamobil Electric 1

And yes:

Papamobil electrophoresis

Fisker Ocean is not expected to appear until next year. In the Pope’s version, it will have solar panels on the roof and carpets made from recycled plastic from bottles thrown into the sea. Finishing fibers from fishing nets will be used. In addition, it will have a glass dome through which the pope can greet the faithful. Papamobile will receive registration in SCV1. This is what it would look like:

Papamobil electrophoresis

However, it is worth taking a look at Diagram No. 3 below, which, for unknown reasons, did not include the manufacturer in its official materials:

The graphic artist cried as he pinned the Pope.

The Pappamobile will be fast – it will accelerate at 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and its performance is ensured by two electric motors of more than 300 hp, driving both axles. Unfortunately, we don’t know if 300 hp is a combined power for both engines or both. It has a range of 350 miles (563 km) on a single charge. The battery capacity is 80 kWh. The more you look at this data, the less believable it is. But perhaps this will be my invention, because the owner will not lie about his holiness.

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