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The Prime Minister warns Norway: the danger is not over

River floods, road closures and bridge collapses. Severe weather moves Hans across Norway and many communities are isolated after more than 100 roads are closed.

In several places around Norway, floods have forced people to be evacuated. In Viken, approximately 2,200 people had to leave their homes temporarily, and in Hønefoss, just south of Innlandet, about 1,600 people were evacuated as a result of flooding in the Storelva River, which flows through the town centre.

He received the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening Jonas Jar Store Status update at a meeting with the Norwegian Water and Energy Authority (NVE).

– What we’re going to see is that it’s red in many places in southern Norway. This could be the highest water level in 50 years or more, Gahr Støre tells NTB, after the meeting.

The danger is not over yet

Gehr Sture warns that rivers and streams will continue to rise, but he also points out the danger of perspiration. He adds that the most important points will move south.

– It is a serious warning for the next few days. By no means is the danger over, says the Prime Minister.

The next two days will be crucial, according to the prime minister, and communities will now receive additional resources, including more helicopters and medical teams. To date, the government has, among other things, deployed seven additional helicopters to assist with evacuation work.

The roads are closed

Earlier on Wednesday he said Eric Holmqvist NVE to NTB have never seen high levels of water in rivers before and forecasts are that it will rise, especially in large rivers.

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According to NRK, 114 roads were closed by late Wednesday afternoon. The E6 main road was also flooded in several places and partially closed. Between Trondheim and Ostlandet, where Oslo is located, among others, only two national roads are open with limited capacity for heavy traffic.

So the authorities issued a public call to stop all big trucking. Trucks that come out after all can be stopped by the police.

A railway bridge is about to collapse

The worst affected is Inlandet, where Lillehammer and Kongsvinger are located, among others. There’s also Braskereidfoss, where the dam at the power plant gave way and the bridge collapsed. A little further north in Inlandt, there is a risk of a railway bridge over the Gudbrandsdalslågen river collapsing due to flooding outside the town of Ringebu.

According to NTB, the entire municipality of Ringebu is essentially isolated, with all roads in and out flooded or closed due to landslide hazards. It’s not just the residents who are hurt, the stranded tourists are forced to camp in the park downtown.

– They can’t go north or south, and there are no other options for overnight stays here, says the mayor Arne Fossmo to NTB.