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The rhetoric has only gotten worse

Pandemic, physical distancing, and self-imposed isolation make us live more in the present, avoiding what we remember, contemplate and plan for. The only thing that matters is how many kilometers we traveled today, which bird sang beautifully this morning and who is going to go shopping for food.

Now the only thing that one lives for is.

It’s often nice to feel the weight of the present in your hand, but it can also be uncomfortable. When the Swedish Democrats hold a press conference and Jimmy Okson says regarding the SD’s stance on the government’s issue after the next election: “We don’t want to create chaos and chaos” – then the entangled past comes into play. Isn’t that “Give them the hell out!” As he usually says? Do I remember the error?

How has SD changed? SD sympathizers usually don’t like it when you go deep into the party’s Nazi-influenced roots in the 1980s, so I’m content with the near future. How has the letter from the SD elected representatives looked like in recent months?

Hasn’t SD dealt with racism in the past?

Just last week, a popularly elected Swedish Democrat in Varberg compared a soccer player from Ivory Coast with a stool: “He reminds me of what I got out of this morning,” the SD newspaper wrote. “This rarely happens,” said Richard Gumshoff, the party secretary at the time of party racism. You have!

It can be compared to a revelation from last fall when Expressen got to know how Haninge’s SD Group Leader said: “But if you come from Africa, you smell like dirt !!!”

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Hasn’t SD dealt with racism in the past? Or do I love nazism?

The group leader in Haninge also participated in a hidden chat, where he used Nazi greetings and joked about Jews. In Kvällposten, it was revealed just a month ago that another SD politician, a member of the Lund Council, had made far-right proposals and published material from notorious racists and Nazis.

Around the same time, Expressen revealed that an SD politician who is a board member of the Södertorn County Courthouse had posted pictures mocking black American George Floyd, who was strangled by a police officer. The judge also insulted people from different migrant groups who were bitten to death by a fighting dog. Just two months ago, a politician from the Social Democratic Party in Mölndal city council reported a book denying the Holocaust.

Didn’t the Swedish Democrats use Nazi terms in the 1980s?

SD had never engaged in such racist and anti-Semitic nonsense before, For example, when Jimmie Åkesson was lured to join the party in 1994?

Tragic detail: When a member of the SD Committee in Södertörn had to leave his political duties, the group leader announced it to SD Haninge. That is precisely this, the leader of the group who, after a month, had to leave his duties himself because he used Nazi greeting phrases and wrote that people from Africa smelled of filth.

Didn’t the Swedish Democrats use Nazi terms in the 1980s? Or make derogatory remarks about people of different skin color? No, the Swedish Democrats ’rhetoric has gotten worse, this is how it should be.

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Now I hear a tufted lapwing bird hurling back and forth across the field, emitting a whistling duvet – white-white. I’ve already traveled 6.4 kilometers and can be satisfied. No need to buy. Evening is here.

And anyone who does not agree that the rhetoric of the Swedish Democrats has become more blunt can simply google for more disgusting and worse examples of the past and prove I’m wrong.

Spread Nazi racism and madness in a secret chat: “Hell’s Triumph.”
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