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The Russians are suing Sony. They can’t stand without toys

They found the penalties to be very unfair.

Sony PlayStation Suspension of sales and operations in Russia In March of this year. The decision came within the framework of sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation for its aggression against Ukraine. Not only was the hardware distribution completed immediately, but the Russians were also denied access to the PlayStation Store. 28 Russian citizens were so angry with the company’s decision that they decided to claim huge damages in a class action.

The Russians are suing Sony, Russia’s Vedomosti and several other national media reported that Russian citizens have filed a class action lawsuit against the Sony subsidiary in Europe as well as against the company’s headquarters. The reason is that you cannot use the PlayStation Store.

In a class action lawsuit, 28 plaintiffs demanded the removal of the blockade and the repurchase of software and games. As compensation, the Russians claim a total of 280 million rubles (approximately 1,9203078 PLN) in damages – 10 million rubles (approximately 685,824 PLN) for each participant in the lawsuit.

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Lawyer Stanislav Isakov, representing the plaintiff, said that there is no clause in Sony’s terms of use and in Russian law under which a person can be refused service “due to national or foreign policy at the user’s place of residence”. Sony Corporation allegedly violated both its rules and customer rights.

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Due to restrictions, Russians can only play games they own, but cannot update them. At the same time, they lose access to online games, at least in theory, because they may try to integrate with VPN services.

This is not the first such lawsuit

Not only has Sony suspended operations in Russia, but also Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo, Valve (Steam), Apple (AppStore), Google (Google Play) and many other entities.

Russians earlier sues Apple I tried to sue the company, to no avail Netflix. The court dismissed the second case.

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