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The second half of Rako!  Jogillonia on her lap.  PKO Extraclassa

The second half of Rako! Jogillonia on her lap. PKO Extraclassa

In the last five matches, Rakov Chestochova has played as a checker – recording victories with defeats. Marek Papszun’s team wanted to end the season with success, thanks to which he spent the winter on stage. But Jagilonia did not come to Cestozova to deliver points without a fight.

Rako’s coaching staff had to adapt quickly. Milan Rundick, already a stopwatch in the 18th minute, was injured and left the field. The same fate befell Jacquelonia forward Bardos Pita, who was replaced in the first half.

The mob fought fast from the start and launched attacks from both sides. However, there are no specific circumstances to achieve the goal.

A lot more happened after the break. Rakov hit hard and pushed Jaga on the defensive and reached his goal. In the 52nd minute, Sturgeon completed a two-shot action taken by Lederman-Kun, which was his first win at the PKO Extraclass.

Soon the inhabitants of Częstochowa followed suit. It was already 2: 0 in the 64th minute. Ivy Lopez hits the ball from a free kick, and Andrej Nulis ends it with a header.

However, this is not enough for the hosts. Mateusz Wdowiak played for Lopez in the 80th minute, after which he relaxed and took the ball to beat Steinforce. Two minutes later, when the ball was sent into the net by a plot shot, Vodovic entered the list of shooters.

However this did not end the shooting. In the 88th minute to cross from Ivy Corner, Joran Arsenic flew in the air and set the end of the match with a superb header. This is a historic victory for the inhabitants of Częstochowa because they have not yet had much success in extras.

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Thanks to the victory, the Ragov players will spend the winter on the lowest step of the stage. Zagillonia, on the other hand, has to settle for 11th place only.

Raków Częstochowa – Jagiellonia Białystok 5: 0 (0: 0)

Goals: Sturgeon (52), Nulis (64), Lopez (80), Vodovic (84), Arsenic (88)