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The second time I might have liked the refugee camps in Rwanda

The British Prime Minister has successfully piloted a controversial proposal in the British House of Commons to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

This was the second time Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had been forced, by law, to transfer asylum seekers to a third country. In December, the bill was approved by 313 votes in favor and 269 votes against.

But then came the first setback, when the British Supreme Court refused to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda under international law.

Sunak redrafted the proposal, now called the Rwanda Safety Bill – the Rwanda Safety (in Immigration and Asylum Matters) Bill.

Wednesday's vote was as dramatic as the vote in December, when different factions of the Conservative Party were in conflict with each other. The right wing, which threatened Sunak's important proposal, has finally collapsed. The voting figures were 320 to 276, when the opposition, with Labor as the main opponent, voted against the resolution.

The law will now be considered by the upper chamber of the British Parliament – the House of Lords, where members are not elected by the people. But conservatives lack a majority in the Senate, so the law could face opposition there as well.

Britain has already paid £240 million, equivalent to 3.2 billion kroner, to Kigali since former Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched his asylum proposal in Rwanda.

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