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The spoiler, it has nothing to do with his track record

Dwight Howard was one of the forgotten greats in the NBA’s 75th Anniversary pick. These lists are always very subjective, but it is difficult to formulate a reasonable argument as to why an axis Lakers It is not preserved. A simple question about reputation? Dwight thinks so.

Dwight Howard is still with the Lakers and can boast of having a very nice resume: eight Once all Stars, eight times All NBA, four times member From the NBA Everything is defensive first team and three times best defender of the year, Interiors, including Orlando and Los Angeles, also received the final certification by winning the prestigious Champion Ring in 2020. During his best years in Charmaverage above superman 20 points, 14 rebounds and almost 3 blocks. He’s been the lifeblood of the Orlando franchise, leading the team to more than 50 wins (including two 59-stroke campaigns) in Four seasons in a row and the advent of the NBA Finals in 2009. Dwight Howard wasn’t just old man most dominant at the time, It was also a constant feature of discussing best player, ranked four times in the top five votes between 2007 and 2011. However, still One of the forgotten top of the top 75 All time. How do we explain it? Taylor crows from Ovarian Report He asked the main party how he felt about the slate.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be on the list,” Dwight said. why ? for political reasons. I knew they wouldn’t include me,” added the hub, perhaps referring to the notoriety that has followed him for years and which obviously still works against him if his words are to be believed.

Howard obviously feels he should have his place in the Top 75, but he doesn’t want to take his head with it.

“I should be on this list obviously, but that’s fine for me, I’m not angry. I was for 30 seconds. But I said to myself: You know? Life is beautiful! I’m alive, I’m still playing basketball in my 18th season. Who cares about my list?” Prepared by people who have never worn a basketball before? Who cares?”

In fact, Howard’s claim that the list was made by “people who have never worn basketball” is not necessarily true, as active and retired players were on the board with journalists, coaches, and leaders. As for “politics”, he’s probably right because he clearly has a track record of being on this famous list. But he also said goodbye to a nice story with Orlando frankly, there were disagreements with her Cuban Bryant to me The Angelis, James hardening He didn’t like the Rockets either, and there was a time when he was seen as a bad teammate who made an outrageous influence in the locker room he went into. During 2010, he restricted layoffs, and he played only one season inhe is hawks, The Hornets and the Wizards (having played only nine games due to back surgery). Dwight is used on the cake to respond to every situation with a bit of fun near the Garfieldian recklessness. All of this is also part of his career and it definitely happened in the end. Regardless, whether we like Dwight or not, it’s true contempt and meJournalist Fox Sports Nick Wright puts it well by referring to this menu as “a lunch table where you find the cutest kids at the expense of the brightest.”

For years, it’s clear that Dwight Howard’s reputation has led to his contribution being underestimated. winner in peace Dunk Competition 2008 had a solid record for several seasons, and while the second half of his career wasn’t quite the same, that doesn’t erase his accomplishments.