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The successor to Sensible Soccer will appear on consoles

The successor to Sensible Soccer will appear on consoles

sociable football, an arcade soccer game created by the creator reasonable footballJonah HiraIt has finally made its way to computers and consoles. Currently only available via Apple Arcade Game sociable football It will be ported to a variety of platforms thanks to an agreement between the developer Hair Tower Studios I kiss for publication.

Co-founder and CEO Kiss Daryl Steel He said:

Our target is April 17, 2022 for Easter. The PC version is ahead, but all console versions will arrive at the same time: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch.

sociable football It is very similar to the classic game reasonable football From the 90s, it was designed to combine simple and fast gameplay with modern gaming technology. The title has gone through a long and sometimes bumpy development process.

Agreement with an American publisher con man For the first time with an appearance sociable football NS Apple Arcade In November 2019. Since then, there have been two new refineries called sociable football 2020 I 21. Hare is pleased with the game’s performance in Apple Arcade and excited about the prospect of it being released on PC and consoles.


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