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The villa is completely heated just outside Väröbacka

The villa is completely heated just outside Väröbacka

The SOS alert was triggered after 2:30 on Friday night. When the emergency services arrived, the entire villa was engulfed in flames.

The fire service was on the scene with eight units putting out the fire. An ambulance was also at the scene.

– It’s kind of a summer cottage. It was a neighbor who raised the alarm and saw the fire from the roof, said Johan Wallen, an officer on duty with the rescue service.

Firefighting work began, but as the fire was so violent, the fire service decided to let the villa burn under controlled conditions.

– The fire was already on when we got to the scene, so we let the villa burn. The most important thing, says Johan Wallen, is to protect the neighboring houses. There is a nearby villa only 10-12 meters away.

At half past four in the morning, the fire had not been completely extinguished. At 7 o’clock in the morning, Johan Wallen announced that he did not have enough time to go out to the villa, but that the rescue party had left and therefore the villa had to be burned down.

We won’t leave if it’s still on. I can imagine it’s still burning a little bit and we have two or three firefighters on the scene, says Johan Wallen.

According to the rescue service, it has been confirmed that the owners have left the house. It’s not clear how the fire started, but police have launched a preliminary arson investigation – something that is routinely done before a technical investigation is launched.

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