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Unchanged rule in Malaysia |  GP

Unchanged rule in Malaysia | GP

The expected outcome after the state elections held on Saturday means the status quo in Malaysia’s political governance. The country’s Election Commission said on Saturday evening that the political coalition of Anwar Ibrahim’s party won Selangor and Penang, two of the country’s richest states. Victory was secured at Negeri Sembilan as well.

The opposition group Perikatan Nasional, which includes a conservative Islamic party, won in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu.

It is believed that the election result means Anwar Ibrahim’s coalition can continue down the beaten path, albeit with a partially unified opposition that has strongholds in poorer Malaysian states and is on the rise.

A loss in any of the three states where Anwar Ibrahim’s coalition was in power could have meant a government crisis.

– Anwar Ibrahim said in a press conference when the election results were announced that it is time for everyone, both winners and losers, to work together for national peace, increase the country’s dignity and focus on Malaysia’s development.

The last national elections were held in Malaysia last November, with a balanced and polarized result between the two blocs.

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