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The world is burning – do we really need another meeting?

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Fifty years have passed since the first major United Nations environmental meeting in Stockholm.

Now the same number of years of failure will be celebrated – with another meeting.

All while the earth is burning.

This week’s major UN meeting – Stockholm +50 – was portrayed as an opportunity to accelerate climate action. Few learn to have objections, after a spring of research alarms.

In India the sidewalks are melting and birds are falling from the sky.

In Iraq, lake after lake is being wiped out.

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, at a time when they need to decrease rapidly and according to the United Nations Climate Panel IPCC We now only have three years to turn the corner if we have the chance to limit warming to 1.5 degrees — and avoid climate catastrophe.

So why do you feel there is something wrong with the top?

Consider Olof Palme’s speech at the first major United Nations conference in Stockholm in 1972:

“I am sure we can find solutions. But it is absolutely necessary to work jointly and internationally. It is really, really, very urgent.”

Excerpt from Olof Palme’s 1972 speech.

Nobody wanted Greater imagination to put the same word in the mouth of a speaker at this week’s meeting.

In his capacity as United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.

Or Sweden’s Environment Minister Annika Strandhal.

It is said that the purpose of the Stockholm +50 conference is to “celebrate” fifty years. The truth is, there is nothing to celebrate.

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The first meeting resulted in a Declaration of Principles for Environment and Development. It is not complied with. The fifty years since the promising summer days in Stockholm have been marked by the climatic and environmental convergences. At times it has seemed successful, as in 2015 in Paris when the countries of the world agreed to strive to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. But seven years later, none of the major emitting countries has delivered on their promises.

Not China. Not the United States. no Sweden.


Only six months Since the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow. Likewise, there is little left from the COP27 conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

More than a hundred environment ministers, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US climate envoy John Kerry traveled to commercial real estate and private planes (many young climate activists from less-issued and hardest-hit countries are waiting for Schengen visas at Swedish embassies in vain.) and set off on Their parade through the clogged streets of Stockholm, one was supposed to ask if we really needed another massive environmental meeting.

Or if we already know enough to shop.

At worst, this kind of climate conference takes risks – with Leadership Dialogues and non-binding ads Accelerate the phasing out of fossil energy – To serve another purpose. To cover up failures and mitigate climate anxiety. At least create an illusion Something Fifty years after Olof Palme’s words of warning.

Politics must move forward and show leadership, says Annika Strandhal, climate minister for one of the world’s richest countries, to TT.

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While the gasoline tax is reduced and the ice in the Arctic is melting.