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Thea of ​​Sweden fell seriously ill in Bali. She warns tourists

Updated at 00.23 | Published on 2024-05-26 20.17

Bali warns tourists of increasing cases of dengue fever on the paradise island.

20-year-old Thea fell ill and was taken to hospital in an ambulance in severe pain.

– She says it's getting worse and worse.

Dengue cases continue to rise in Bali. Recently, the number of infected people has doubled, according to the insurance company 1Cover Travel Insurance.

The Indonesian government urges tourists to get vaccinated before their arrival.

“We strongly recommend not only tourists but also the people of Bali to protect themselves from dengue,” Gusti, Ayu Raka Susanti, head of Bali's health ministry, said in April.

Thea of ​​Sweden contracted dengue fever and was hospitalized in Bali.

“Bone Broken Fever”

20-year-old Thea Sane was in Bali with her boyfriend when she realized she was sick.

-I started feeling very lethargic and very tired for a few days. One day, I had a severe headache. I took paracetamol and tried to rest. When it exploded six hours later I felt so bad. “I started having a very high fever and felt very bad,” she says.

-I started vomiting and had a headache. It's called “broken bone fever” because it feels like that in the body. This is very painful.

Five days later, Thea Sunny was taken to hospital in an ambulance, where she stayed for two days and was treated with a drip.

“We need to raise it more”

Meanwhile, an increasing number of people on Gili Air Island have contracted dengue fever, she says.

How did you feel during this period?

– I think it started to ease a little after five or eight days. Until it got worse and worse. I just wanted to relieve the headache and the pain was… I didn't even want to keep my eyes open.

Now she wants to urge others to get vaccinated before traveling to Bali.

– It's good to be able to convey that to the rest of the population in Sweden. This is important to bring up considering that I am one of those people who didn't know much about dengue before.