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Finland denies rumors of Russian airships

Closed border crossing between Finland and Russia, here in Vilmanstrand.  Archive photo.

Russia monitors the border with Finland with balloons. This was reported by several Russian media outlets, information that spread in Finland.

However, Finnish border authorities have softened this information.

The rectangular, balloon-like aircraft will patrol Russian Karelia on Thursday, Ilta Sanomat reports, among others. But Finnish border authorities say they have not noticed any balloons.

-We have patrols in the area around the clock. “We have not seen these balloons ourselves and have not received any feedback about them from the public,” says Kimmo Gromov of the Border Guard Department of Southeast Finland in Hufvudstadsbladet.

According to the Russian state-controlled newspaper Rosiskaga Gazeta, among other things, the airships monitor and monitor illegal immigration to Finland and transmit data about possible violations in real time, the newspaper wrote.

– What Russia deals with on the Russian side of the border is their business. There, they can basically do whatever they want, Gromov points out, and says there's no reason to worry.

– The situation is very calm on the border. We have a lot of resources on the ground 24 hours a day and are monitoring the situation carefully.

On Wednesday, information that Russia plans to move its maritime borders towards Finland and Lithuania caused a sensation. The next day, it was reported that Russian border guards removed 24 buoys from Estonian waters on the Narva River, which forms the border between Estonia and Russia.

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