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Ukrainian woman pretends to be Russian on Chinese social media

Ukrainian woman pretends to be Russian on Chinese social media

Ukrainian Olga Luik was shocked when she discovered what happened. It started when she, who teaches at US universities and has a YouTube channel, received a message from followers who saw her character on Chinese social media.

Olga Lueck, who does not speak Chinese She said in her post, which she did not publish any post at all in the Chinese online world, that she began to investigate the matter and was increasingly surprised. On YouTube. I found her face in over 30 accounts. In all the videos, she speaks fluent Chinese. One of her clones said that she had lived in China for eight years and wanted to stay because she loved this country so much.

– She has my voice and face and speaks fluent Mandarin, says Olga Lueck in an article on YouTube.

In another post called “Natasha” imports food and sweets from Russia, which are also sold through the account. In several videos, she praises China for supporting Russia at a time when other countries are turning their backs.

Olga Luik points out that most of her AI clones are promoting propaganda and talking about the good relationship between China and Russia.

For her, a Ukrainian, it is an insult.

-I have family left in Ukraine hiding from air attacks, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens have been forced to leave, injured or died due to Russian attacks. Now I see myself, my clone, supporting and sympathizing with the Russian Federation.

Some of her clones want to live in China for the rest of their lives, and find a Chinese man to marry.

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-If you marry a Russian woman, we will wash your clothes, cook for you and wash the dishes for you every day. We will also give you foreign children, as many as you want, says one of them.

Olga Luyk is one of several examples of AI-generated Russian beauties who have expressed their admiration for China on social media and have a desire to marry Chinese men. Some of them complain about Russian men who are “just gorgeous and lazy.” On the other hand, Chinese men are highly regarded, and women praise China's high-tech development.

There are a number of different applications that can handle videos and audio recordings. It is enough to have a short video clip of the person you want to “clone”. You can enter any language you want and then edit it until the movies look believable.

The “Russian” AI was manipulated. The accounts have crept in even though China was one of the first countries in the world to try to regulate artificial intelligence. Last year, more than 500 people were arrested for manipulating photos of people with artificial intelligence. One reason why blonde women do this is because their message aligns with that of upper management. China and Russia have developed a close partnership and trade between the two countries has increased to record levels since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the women in the videos say, China supports the Russian economy when other countries try to isolate it. When Russian President Vladimir Putin visits China these days, he and Chinese leader Xi Jinping present a united front to the rest of the world.

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Now the phenomenon of cloning Russians has received great attention in China. Several accounts featuring Olga Luyk were removed, and Chinese users who learned of the manipulation expressed their sympathy for her. Other accounts of “Russian” women seen by DN were flagged with a warning that they could be manipulated by artificial intelligence.