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There is already a date for the introduction of iOS 15: Apple announces the new WWDC 2021 | lifestyle

It’s been taking time since then Apple has announced celebration dates for the traditional WWDC conference now, Or the Worldwide Developers Conference, to find out a large part of those who feed the iOS system with their applications, and who are taking advantage of it to communicate with those responsible for the company, and thus better understand the upcoming changes within the operating system.

And after a few days in which Google grabbed the news after its I / O conference, showing what Android 12 would be like, now it’s the turn of those from Cupertino, who usually benefit from their inaugural party. Quickly identify the big changes we’ll make with iOS 15, The next evolution of the iPhone and iPad operating system. Not forgetting watchOS, macOS, and tvOS, too.

There is already an inauguration date

Although the conferences and talks will take place over a period of three days, It will be June 7th When Apple launched this WWDC 2021 Which will keep the same format as last year. Remember that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Americans decided in June 2020 to keep this inaugural event present while digitizing it in an online broadcast, so they will repeat the same formula for this year.

Announcement of WWDC 2021.

or not Much of the main conference will focus on announcing the big changes we can expect in iOS For this coming September, with the arrival of new functions and tools that will join the existing ones in iOS 14. Bear in mind that, in addition, in those days, the first betas of future iOS 15 developers could already arrive. It would be the right moment to start knowing the components or features. The new iPhonee can light up in the future.

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Be that way, if you want to follow all the conversations, You can do this through the official website of an Apple Or within the developer platform itself, where all programming teams and groups communicate with other members of the community, and with some of the teams behind the evolution of the OS. And what can we expect new in iOS 15? Well, according to some analysts in the company, there are three interesting aspects, such as Job development Always Running for iPhones; Great improvement in using Widgets; And the arrival of new applications from Apple itself to its company Builds From an operating system, as some did in their days, like a compass or a subway with augmented reality.