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There is no announcement for the Tokyo Games Program

The Tokyo Game Show starts on September 30 this year. This year it will be almost exclusively digital again, due to the current Covid pandemic. Unfortunately, we probably won’t receive any new information about Final Fantasy 16 for this year’s show.

During a special period – and a very long one indeed – zu Final Fantasy 14 البث Live Streaming On Friday, Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated that while they would like to show more about Final Fantasy 16, they may not be able to do so because they won’t be ready until the Tokyo game show will be:

“We really want to show something at Tokyo Game Show 2021, but maybe we can’t meet that deadline… We definitely want to show it, but wouldn’t it be better if you play the title right after that?”

“Personally, I don’t like showing small news to get people involved. I’ve spoken to the team and manager Takai-san about it. We want to reveal something that will make players say, ‘I want to play this now!'” Post it now! And then we can say: “Sure, please!”

Tokyo Game Show has been an important event for Japanese developers to present their new games in recent years. Given the current situation of Covid, with many games in development around the world, it’s no wonder Final Fantasy 16 still needs so little time.

According to Yoshida, Square Enix is ​​keen on delivering the game, but the team is simply not happy to show the title until it reaches a certain level of quality:

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“I know they as a company want us to bring the game to TGS. Development is going well. It’s very hard to make sure the quality is good enough. We want the next announcement to be something everyone can do.” Say, “I’m going to buy this game!” That’s why we do everything we can to ensure great quality.”

According to the translation of Twitch streamerin Eta Kimouchi Title development is actually quite advanced. All the scripts have already been written and the English voice acting is almost finished. So the only thing stopping the team from showing off the title is perfection.

Yoshida also stated that with the next announcement, they would like to introduce the combat system and other things that have yet to be shown.

We won’t get the first word on Final Fantasy 16 until the end of this year at the earliest. However, the developers want the game to be available for purchase shortly after their next announcement. So the next time Final Fantasy 16 gets talked about, the release date might not be too far away.

After all, we actually got a teaser last September, which is still pretty cool to look at.

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