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There will be another Motorola Razr – Lenovo boss confirms

There will be another Motorola Razr – Lenovo boss confirms

Lenovo is ensuring another Motorola Razr will appear next year. It is to have a completely new interface.

Folded smartphones are a very specific place. We have watched her birth process for a long time, and successive producers have been eliminated from the race. As you can see, being a trendsetter is not easy. In the end, only Samsung and Huawei remained, but the latter stopped at the last minute. Samsung took a risk and now about 70% of the world’s foldable smartphone segment belongs to it. In addition to Samsung and Huaweiem, it also belongs to Lenovo and Motorola. It’s thanks to her Motorola Razr Flip phones are back. Huawei debuted with the Pocket series, and Samsung owns the Flip series.

Motorola’s foldable came out in 2019, and a year later we saw a 5G variant. However, he did not make as much of a fuss as his predecessor. in a Next year However, there will be another Motorola Razr foldable phone. We figured it out in a very typical way – thanks to the entrance fee on Weibo. However, it was made not only by anyone, but the head of Lenovo himself. So we can safely assume that this is confirmed information. Not much is known about the upcoming phone, but Lenovo confirms the new, updated interface. Of course, the model will appear in China first.

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Image source: Weibo

Text source: Weibo

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