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W piątkowy wieczór w Dzienniku Ustaw opublikowane zostało rozporządzenie prezydenta Andrzeja Dudy wprowadzające podwyżki dla premiera, marszałków Sejmu i Senatu, członków rządu, posłów i senatorów. Od 1 sierpnia szef rządu i marszałkowie zarabiać będą ponad 20 tysięcy złotych miesięcznie, posłowie: po 12 tysięcy złotych.

There will be bonuses for deputy ministers, representatives and senators. There is an order by Andrzej Duda

On Friday evening in the Journal of Laws, the decree of President Andrei Duda was published, which introduced increases, among other things. For the Prime Minister, the guards of the House of Representatives and the Senate, members of the Government, Representatives and Senators. From August 1, the head of the government and the female missionaries will receive more than PLN 20,000 per month, and the deputies: PLN 12,000 each.

The president announced in Polsat News a little earlier that the regulation to increase the wages of State Department agents had already been signed.

Signature under the regulation. We agreed with the Prime Minister to issue a regulation The prime minister must sign, and everything is done, ”- said Andrei Duda.

As he said: “There was no doubt about it actually that persons holding the positions of Deputy Ministers, or Undersecretaries of the Ministry, earn disproportionately little” in respect of their duties and responsibilities.

He noticed that “These salaries have not changed in the last more than 20 years.”

“It was about making those salaries more realistic,” the president added.

And Andrzej Duda also noted that the current situation has led to a flow of employees from high-ranking government positions to private companies.

“This is a tragic situation. It was hard to find anyone for these positions at all. In my case, for example, in the presidential palace, I do not have a single undersecretary today – because the salary was too low. ”

Thanks to the changes Deputy Ministers – Who currently has a gross salary of more than 10,000 PLN – They will earn just over 6000 PLN.

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Representatives and Senators will also benefit, whose profits are linked to the profits of State Department agents. From August 1, parliamentarians – who currently earn more than PLN 8,000 in total – will receive More than 4800 PLN more than before: a total of more than 12,000 PLN. Their diets will also increase: by 1.5 thousand PLN.

The Prime Minister and the guards of the House of Representatives and the Senate You will get a monthly total 20.5 thousand zlotys.

Increases will also be included Deputy Guardians of the House and Senate, Deputy Prime Ministers, and Head of the Supreme Audit Office: According to Interia, they will receive more than PLN 14,200 of the basic salary and PLN 4,000 of the job bonus as of August 1.

In total, less than that 17800 zlotys will be earned by, among other things, ministers and chief chancellors President, Prime Minister, House and Senate, Ombudsman, Speaker of the National Broadcasting Council and President of the Institute of National Remembrance.

President of the National Bank of Poland He will get a total monthly income More than 20.5 thousand PLN has increased.