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Thermomix zabrany przestępcom

Thermomix, Lambo and cryptocurrency, in the background is a criminal story

In France, the authorities periodically organize auctions for the illegal assets of criminals. Sometimes there are real gems. Lambo, watch and… Thermomix with dryer.

In France, it is the terrorism of criminals your bells. It is neither the name of the legendary monster nor the French version of the agribusiness program. It’s government Agency dealing with confiscation of illegally acquired assets of criminals. Then Agrasc puts it up for auction, allocating the profit to help victims of crimes or to compensate the state.

Thermomix is ​​used. The criminal cried when he returned

your own bells accelerating every year. In 2021, French officials confiscated 202 properties. For comparison, in 2020, there were only 140 properties. However, the agency also deals with completely different things. No wonder there are expensive alcohol, cars or electronics.

More than 6000 people attended the auction Richard Mille luxury watch. It was sold for 295,000 euros. Sentences Lamborghini Aventador has found a new owner for €227,000. However, these are not just luxury goods. It turns out that one of the criminals liked the robot exceptionally Thermomix. Work with German technology Complete with…hair dryer followed by 1600 EUR. All purchases in one day amounted to 2,980,000 euros.

But she overwhelmed everything Cryptocurrency auction worth 25 million euros. It was a precedent not only on a French level, but on a global scale. Of the ordinary things, you can sometimes buy all the equipment of the dentist’s office.

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