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"They don't look out of nowhere."  An English fan talks about Pica Nona's tensions on Gdask

“They don’t look out of nowhere.” An English fan talks about Pica Nona’s tensions on Gdask

On Wednesday, the Europa League final between Manchester United and Villarreal takes place in Gdańsk. In the city you can find fans of both teams who came to watch the match and support for their clubs. “If one walks through the streets of Gdańsk, one can even get the impression that Spanish fans are everywhere. Club colors flooded the city. pl wrote in Conrad Forster.

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Manchester United – West Ham United 1-0. Bramca Skota McDominia [Eleven Sports]

Manchester fans talk about the attack. “They threw bottles and kicked.”

Unfortunately, Manchester United fans will badly remember staying in Gdańsk. On Tuesday, a group of Lechia Gtask hooligans attacked English team fans in one of the restaurant gardens. The menu was demolished. – The glass went into motion. I have no idea what is going on. I got a little short. We sat quietly and I could not put my thoughts together. This is a moment – he said “Gazette Viborxa” Jacob is a fan who came to Gdańsk from Liverpool. Another fan reported that the attackers “attacked with their fists.”

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Other Manchester fans also reported what happened on Tuesday in an interview with Sky Sports. This post was posted on Twitter. – Polish thugs entered. They wore masks கலி In black. They threw bottles and kicked. They tore down the bar and fled. There were no police inside, he said at first.

– One of them grabbed me and knocked me to the ground and started kicking me, several times, until my father helped me. This is not good – second statement. – Do not expect something like this at the final event. We had a good time. We have no problem with Villarreal fans. They didn’t appear out of nowhere – said the fan-specific father.

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The referee’s first whistle at the stadium in Gdańsk at 9 p.m. Villarreal will fight for their first win in the Europa League. Manchester United, on the other hand, will be looking to repeat their 2017 win.

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