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Primark will open a third store in Poland. We know the location

2021-05-26 10:25, akt.2021-05-26 11:12

2021-05-26 10:25

2021-05-26 11:12

Photo: Grand Warsawzki / / Shutterstock

Primark wants to open a third store in Poland. After Warsaw and Bosnas, it was time for the capital of Monopolska. The new Primark will appear at the Bonarca City Center Shopping Mall in Crago.

The Primark clothing chain is preparing to open another store in Poland. The company indicated that the new facility would be built In Borneo City Center Shopping Mall in Krakow. This will be the brand’s first store located in Lesser Poland Voidoship.

– After the best response since our stores opened in Warsaw and Bosna, we are pleased to announce plans for our store in Krakow. We are glad we were able to find something so big Lesser is located in the capital of Poland Provide a unique shopping experience and new jobs for the residents of Krakw – says Primak Region Manager Magiz Botzowski in Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

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Primark – Another store in Poland

Located on two floors of Primark Bonarka in Krakw. The area of ​​the store is 3.8 thousand square meters. In connection with the opening of the new facility per square meter Primark is looking for employees – Managers, cashiers, customer consultants, warehouse staff and display merchants.

The Primark Store chain also offers a full range of products From clothing and shoes to accessories and accessories at affordable prices. The company has specialized, limited collections for popular movies (e.g. Harry Potter) and fairy tales (e.g. about Mickey Mouse).

Currently, the Irish company already has two stores in Poland. The first Primark was opened in August 2020 at the Galleria Miocini in Warsaw. This is only the beginning of the expansion, because this time another facility in a commercial complex in Bosnia is scheduled to open in the spring of this year. These programs were hampered by the temporary closure of some businesses, including the COVID-19 epidemic and shopping centers. Accordingly, the opening date of the store was postponed.

In addition to the standard shopping option, customers can choose to order products Primark Online Store. Online shopping has become popular during the COVID-19 epidemic. We write further about the changes in consumer behavior in the article entitled “Poland after the shopping revolution. 10 changes in the stores we owe to the epidemic”.