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The Witcher: Old World – Board game established in 20 minutes

Crowded campaign for board game The Witcher: Old World begins. The amount required to publish the title was collected in 20 minutes.

The Witcher: The Old World is a board game in the atmosphere of the Witzer Saga by Andrzej Sabkovsky. Hugas Voniak of the publishing house is behind the title Go on board And CD program RED.

The Witcher: The Old World

The Witcher board game will be an adventure game set long before events known from books and games. In it we will not meet Gerald of Rivia, instead we will play the role of a witch trained in a witch school.

The Witcher: The Old World

During the game, we will visit places known from the history of worship and fight monsters and other witches. We will use for this purpose The unique platform of the cards we create along with the progress of the game.

The Witcher: The Old World

The Witcher: The first scene of the Old World is planned June 2022. A crowded campaign on the sites is currently underway And Kickstarter. Interested individuals can order the game through them in one of two versions: Standard for PLN 289 ( / 70 Euro (Kickstarter) or 519 P.L.N. ( / 125 Euro (Kickstarter). What should we pay? For plastic monster figures replaced with card markers in the cheaper version.

It is worth mentioning 20 minutes was enough to fund the game on both platforms. Is currently in the campaign At Kickstarter, the title has amassed nearly $ 1.5 millionIt certainly does not end there The campaign runs until June 11.

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Photo source:, BoardGameGeek

Text source:, Kickstarter