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They haven’t done anything like that yet.  We know the new Polish hero!

They haven’t done anything like that yet. We know the new Polish hero!

Zagłębie Lubin came to Koszalin with one goal: to win and thus win the second consecutive gold medal in the PGNiG Women’s League. After the first half against Mweny Stoislav, everything was clear. Bozina Karkut went down in history (15:33).

Krzysztof Kempsky

Adrianna Górna (center), Patrycja Noga (left) and Daria Zawistowska (right)

PRESS MATERIALS / MKS Zagoby Lubin / Bawi Andracevic / Pictured: Adriana Gorna (center), Patricia Noga (left) and Daria Zawistoska (right)

Prior to the match in Koszalin, both Młyny Stoisaw and MKS Zagłębie had built on success. Both teams had something to play for. The home team had to defend their position due to a slight advantage over the penultimate Elbląg Start. Copper, had they won, they would have defended the title. And such a situation has not yet occurred in the history of the club of Lubin.

After the last match, coach Bożena Karkut said her team played poorly, no counterattack and no easy goals. This time, there were a lot of positions at 100%. But what if Natalia Villochuk does well between publications. However, her friends did not have a good day. Even the penalty kick was not converted by the locals into a goal. After a quarter of an hour it was 4:6.

With the effectiveness of Stoisław Mills at 38%, it is impossible to win the competition. And certainly not with the Polish champion and leader of the PGNiG Women’s Super League. In the twenty-fourth minute, the light board showed a 6:13 condition. A perfect defense of Koszalin, and that was twice in a row by Karolina Kochaniak-Sala. Karkut was calm, although she was still trying to guide her team to the finish line.

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After the first half, everything seemed clear now. Zagłębie was ahead at 17:9. The score in the last second before the break was set by Patrycja Świerżewska. It’s more valuable as Lupine’s players played in a double at the time. The second part of this competition was also to start 2 less.

It would be a big mistake not to mention Monica Malikkiewicz in this match. The visiting goalkeeper put in a really great performance. After changing sides, she was defeated only in the 36th minute after an attempt by Alexandra Zilina.

The team from Lower Silesia has not slowed down. She did not have the right to lose up to 11 goals in such a short time (11:22 in the 40th minute). Kochaniak-Sala (7/7) caused the most problems for Koszalin’s defense. None of the competitors even came close to the achievement of the handball player from Lupine. If only 3 goals are scored in the second half, it is difficult to get good individual stats.

Karakut let the “reserve” play. In the end, after a good match, Zagoby won the Polish championship for the second time in a row. This is the first time in the history of this club and the third medal in this color overall.

PGNiG Superliga Women, Round 27:

Mills Stoisław Kozzalin – MKS Zagopi Lubin 15:33 (9:17)

Stoisaw mills: Zimny, Filończuk, Prudzienica – Urbaniak 1 (1/1), Mączka 6, Lipok, Zaleśny 2, Haric, Mokrzka 4, Rycharska 1, Kurdzielewicz 1 (0/1), Borysławska, Somionka.
Meat: 1/2.
Penalties: 6 minutes (Rycharska – 6 minutes)
red card: Hanna Recharska in the 45th minute on penalties.

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pelvis: Wąż, Maliczkiewicz – Łabuda 2, Grzyb 3, Hartman 3 (1/1), Górna 4 (1/1), Miłek (0/1), Drabik 1, Galińska 1 (0/1), Zawistowska 3, Kochaniak-Sala 7, Matieli 3, Noga 2, Świerżewska 4, Milojević.
Meat: 2/4.
Penalties: 6 minutes (Gorna, Noga, Świerżewska – 2 minutes).

judges: Dejna, Raszewski (both from Tczew).
Viewers: 550.

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