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They organized the euro 17 years ago. They still pay off their debts

Even 17 years after the final of the European Football Championship in Portugal, local governments are repaying loans made to build stadiums or make major renovations. In total, they have to pay back 55 million euros.

As estimated daily by the “Journal de Notices” on Tuesday, only the two Portuguese municipalities that began construction of the stadiums before Euro 2004 already have their financial obligations – Lisbon and Porto.

The event of financial settlements after the ME-2004 organization was the City Hall in Prague, which was built on a former quarry site. “The total cost of building the stadium has not yet been determined,” the Portuguese newspaper reported.

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Audits carried out so far show that the city of Lyria has the most obligations among the nine municipalities organized by Euro 2004. 20 million euros to build a local town hall stadium.

Of the 10 Portuguese stadiums newly built or modernized for ME-2004, the fewest events take place at facilities in Lule, Lyria, Aveiro and Coimbatore. From time to time, football matches of the Portuguese national team are organized there.

The most lucrative facilities built with Euro 2004 in mind are the capital stadiums, the Loos and Alvalet, where matches are played at Benfica and Sporting in Lisbon, as well as the FC Porto Stadium – also known as Draco.

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