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They reveal the names of those involved with García Luna in money laundering - La Jornada de San Luis

They reveal the names of those involved with García Luna in money laundering – La Jornada de San Luis

Gustavo Castillo Garcia

Mexico City. The lawsuit brought by Mexico to the United States for the recovery of at least $250 million from the Mexican Treasury by Gennaro García Luna, former Secretary of Public Security during Felipe Calderon’s government, includes former Under Secretary Jose Francisco Nimbro González. , and the main partners of the former official known as Mauricio Samuel Weinberg, Jonathan Alexis Wimberg Pinto, as well as their wives all, for their participation in a criminal organization dedicated to money laundering and operating in countries such as Barbados, Panama and the US territory.

In the document you have a copy of Today, With which the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) asks the US government to intervene: “Once the money has been stolen, illegally transferred or illegally taken from Mexico (by García Luna) which was in the United States, in order to further conceal and secure the stolen money Preventing and obstructing the corrective actions and recovery of the Mexican authorities, the defendants created a corporation consisting of a network of conspirators and multiple entities located in Florida and elsewhere.”

It adds that it “used those entities and funds stolen, illegally transferred, or illegally taken from the Mexican government that were transferred and received in the United States to: acquire a stake in at least 30 entities (companies) and in at least thirty real estate.”

The defendants are Gennaro García Luna, and Linda Cristina Pereira de García (wife); Partners Mauricio Samuel Weinberg Lopez, Jonathan Alexis Weinberg Pinto, Silvia Dona Pinto de Weinberg (wife), Nathan Wanser Top, Jose Francisco Nembro Gonzalez, Martha Virginia Nieto Guerrero de Nembru (wife)

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Also Nunvav, Nunvav Technologies, Gult Holding Enterprises, Glac Security, Technology, Risk Management, Reynolds LLC, Century LLC, Sigb LLC, Penn II, LLC, Assets Financing Services LLC, ASW Holdings LLC, Awoffice Inc, AWP Village Bay II LLC Bellini Wi 1501 Corp., Best Friends Midtown LLC, Best Friends Since 1880 LLC, Delta Integrator LLC, GL & Associates Consulting.

Asimismo, ICON Brickell 3802 LLC, Jade Ocean 3203 II, Jade Ocean 3603 LLC, Jagra LLC, Solo best Propierties Corp, Peninsula Cas II LLC, Peninsula Mas II LLC, Peninsula SMS LLC, Peninsula SNDS LLC, Peninsula SSW II LLC, Peninsula Stecar II LLC, Peninsula SW II LLC.

In addition, Los Cedros, Oggi Caffe, Ruby Dynasty Trust, SDSW DYNASTY Trust, Sunshine Dynasty Trust, VFST LLC, W Met Group LLC, and Wancier 2017 Family Trust.

National authorities are seeking to “recover at least $250 million stolen from the Mexican government by its former Secretary of Public Security.” [Ministro de Seguridad Pública] Gennaro García Luna and associates who concealed stolen funds and proceeds from the Mexican government and impeded their recovery by laundering the proceeds by transferring the stolen funds outside Mexico to bank accounts in Barbados, the United States and elsewhere. García Luna and his associates committed these acts, at least in part, while they were in Miami-Dade County, Florida.