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Thirteenth annuity 2022 - new payment schedule.  How much will the account get? [13.03.2022 r.]

Thirteenth annuity 2022 – new payment schedule. How much will the account get? [14.03.22]

In a few weeks the thirteenth pension will appear in the pensioners’ accounts. When exactly do you expect the transfer and how much will the net thirteenth pension be in 2022? We present the most important information about the Thirteen in this article. From him you will also learn about the “Fourteen”. We also present in the studio the calculations of the March index – what is the pension after the increase? Checks out!

Watch the videoCalendar in 2022 – beyond March

ZUS is preparing to pay “Thirteen”. The thirteenth pension in 2022 will total PLN 1,338.44 (NET 1,217.98 PLN). The ZUS will pay on the 13th with benefits for the month of April. This means that retirees and retirees will receive one transfer or transfer, which will be the sum of their monthly benefit plus the thirteenth payment.

ThirteenFor example, an additional annual cash benefit will be granted to persons who receive, among other things: annuities, annuities, teacher compensation benefits, supplemental parental benefits, pre-retirement benefits, and pre-retirement allowances, in addition to the cash benefits that Obtained by blind civilians Victims of hostilities are entitled – Report Social security.

They will get 13 if they qualify for one of these long-term benefits on March 31.

Standardization: Preparations for such pension increases have been in place since March.. Check out the accounts in the gallery

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Good to know: Taking into account the macroeconomic indicators announced by the head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, that is, the inflation rate in 2021 and the real increase in the average salary in 2021 by 20%. The percentage of the real increase in wages and salaries in the benchmark index – the old-age pension and disability index in 2022 will be at the level of 105.7%.