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This has not happened yet.  What conference did he come to ?!

This has not happened yet. What conference did he come to ?!

The conferences that preceded the Freak Fight class were accustomed to the fact that a lot was going on there. However, there was nothing like it before. Mateusz “Tromba” came to the conference before Trąbka Fame MMA 14 … a snake.

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Mateusz Trąbka came to the conference with the snake

YouTube / Mateusz Trąbka came to the conference with a snake

We have conferences where a lot of practice happens before every Freak Fight gala. It also took place at the second event announcing the Fame MMA14. At first, it was very tough between Mathews Muransky and Alan Kvichinsky (more). Here)

However, what Mateusz Trąbka did will go down in history. The famous “Tromba” fame came to the second conference before MMA 14 … his snake. Team member Frisa surprised the other participants and hosts of the event. It was evident in their expressions.

Influencer decided to take this step to prove to internet users what a great creature is. Wanted to show that everything is fine with him, did not guess – his health is deteriorating.

Mateusz Trąbka noted that the presence of the snake in such an event is not harmful. I have to admit that no one has entered this conference yet.

The Fame MMA 14th Gala will take place on Saturday 14th May. Mateusz Trąbka and Tomasz “Gimper” Działowy mentioned above will take part in the fight in the evening. In addition, the gala includes Agatha “Fada” Fake, Pyotr Selica and Norman Park.

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