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Marcelo fainted and left the club.  "L'Equipe" reveals the bizarre platform of a football ball

Marcelo fainted and left the club. “L’Equipe” reveals the bizarre platform of a football ball

Marcelo Guedes Filho was the best defender of the Extraclassa 13 years ago. With Wisła Kraków he won the Polish Championship and was transferred to the Strong League. In the following years he played for PSV Eindhoven, Hannover 96, Besiktas, and in 2017 he joined Ligue 1 and joined the Olympique Lyon lineup. However, in January of this year he left the club in dire circumstances.

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It remains to be seen why Marcelo was expelled from Olympic Lyonnais. A strange truth has come to light

Last on the field, Marcelo appeared in a match in August last year in which Olympique Lyonnais lost 0: 3 to the Angers. The defender clashed with fans and was dropped from the team. However, the real reasons why he sent him into existence have not been released until now. The daily “L’Equipe” revealed why the former Wisla Krakw player was thanked for his cooperation in January.

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Marcelo’s dismissal from the team was due to his inappropriate and overtly stupid behavior. According to French journalists, the Brazilian “should walk around the locker room and laugh about it with his friends”. However, the club’s sports director Juninho Bernambukano was not happy. In agreement with coach Peter Bose, he first sent the player into reserve, terminating his contract with him in January.

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Marcelo Girondins left for Bordeaux for free. He has played in nine matches so far for his new team. The West France team is last in the table and is unlikely to last in League 1 with two rounds until the end of the season.

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