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This is how the Polish national team will be in the match against Slovenia.  Leon will not play

This is how the Polish national team will be in the match against Slovenia. Leon will not play

First, Musaj, Omax, Petnors, Fornell, Kiosk, Phoenix and Vojtassek, then Kurek, Trisica, Semenyuk, Leon, Kochanovsky, Huber and Sadorki – so far as the starting line-up of the Poles for the League of Nations competition. Based on them we can conclude that the third will be a completely different group.

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Vital Heinen revealed the plan to the League of Nations. “We take the whole truck with us”

With Slovenia, Heinen will at least give a chance to those who have or have not played

After the match against Serbia, Vittal Heinen made it clear that the players who played the next Saturday would not be out. So Slovenes don’t have to worry that they will be torpedoed by the services of Wilfredo Lyon. In the opening six, Belgium wants to provide an opportunity for both non-players and substitutes.

Quarterback Markin Janus, center Pyotr Novakovsky and host Mike Kubiak have yet to play in the League of Nations. On the other hand, attacking Łukasz Kaczmarek and receiving Alexander Oliveka appeared in double transitions. Most of them should be in the squad for Sunday’s game against Slovenia.

Update: In the report of the fourteen matches prepared Games Wilfredo Leon, Bardos Kurek, Pyotr Novakovsky, Jacob Kochanovsky and Kamil Seminyuk have no place.

“Nightmare! Unsolved Mystery”. The Serbs react after the match with Poland

What will the Polish national team look like in the match against Slovenia:

  • Attacker: Łukasz Kaczmarek
  • Quarterback: Markin Janus
  • Recipients: Alexander Olivka, Mike Kubiak
  • Middle: Matthews Pinnacle and Carol Kios
  • Libero: Damien Vojtassek
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Wilfredo Lyon during and after the Poland-Serbia match during the League of NationsWilfred Leon with world record. Now he comments. Master of humility

There were only two uncertainties

The largest unknowns appear in two stages: libero and medium. Heinen took two Liberos to Rimini – Pave Sadorki and Damien Vojtassek, so after a note that those who played on Saturday would not play on Sunday, it was decided that Damien Vojtassek would most likely appear on the pitch (only as an alternative with Serbia).

Wilfredo Leon breaks Aces record in Poland-Serbia match in Nations LeagueLeon sets world record He “knocked” the previous best result of the match

As for the middle things, it’s about the health aspect. Every player in this position has had recent back or knee problems. Coach Heinen will not check Pyotr Novakovsky, who went missing in the match report. Therefore, he will select Mathews Picek and select a player to play against Italy – Norbert Huber (although he played against Serbia, his chances are slim) or Carol Kios.

The match against Slovenia starts at 19:30 on Sunday. After him, Vital Heinen’s players will complete three consecutive matches, take three days off, and play volleyball again. Live on