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Complete News World – Manchester United – Merson: Soulscare took Manchester United as far as he could

The Red Devils in Gdańsk could not find a way to Villarreal and they lost 10:11 after a dramatic series of eleven.

With the defeat of the Europa League final, negative voices against Ole Gunner Soulscare returned to the English media. The Norwegian manager is looking forward to his first trophy as Manchester United coach.

“Soulscare has taken Manchester United as far as he can,” Merson says in the pages. Daily Star.

– I think he was completely overtaken by Unai Emery in the Europa League final. Villarreal is not a great team, but Soulscare is taking care of it.

Arsenal are confused for the same style as Manchester United vs Villarreal. They presented themselves very badly.

You might have thought that Soulscare would change something. There is no forward speed. So what does Ole do? Fred is coming on the pitch!

– Marcus Rashford had the worst game of his life. You need to see these things as a manager. You have to accept it and get the audience. There is also a goalkeeper who has not saved a penalty in five years. It does not seem to save any shot. You must have downloaded it!

– I think Ole is very good. He is everyone’s friend. He is not ruthless. He doesn’t want to deceive people by making a change, Merson says.

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