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This is the reason behind the new loyalty program

This is the reason behind the new loyalty program

Sony’s new loyalty system is called PlayStation Stars. It aims to motivate players to achieve more in their games by giving rewards for playing. Sony will roll out the new system gradually by the end of the year.

playstation stars

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty system. Players will likely be familiar with similar systems from other brands that reward you for spending a large amount of money or frequently. Compared to these systems, there is one major difference with PlayStation Stars. In order to collect new loyalty points, players do not have to spend any money. Participation in the program is free and many rewards can be earned at no additional cost.

According to Sony, the system works as follows: in order to win PlayStation Stars, you have to participate in various campaigns. Participation is basically free. It is already known that there is a “monthly check-in” campaign where you just have to play any game to collect points. Of course, there are also more demanding challenges. This includes, for example, the race to be the first to reach the Platinum Cup in a game – and much more. The possibilities here are nearly endless and limited only by Sony’s creativity. But what do players do with the loyalty points they have earned?

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles.

Rewards and collectibles

Once you have earned a certain number of PlayStation Stars, you can redeem your loyalty points for rewards. For example, PSN credit and some PlayStation Store products can be purchased. For PlayStation Plus members, there is another benefit. You will automatically receive additional loyalty points with purchases in the PlayStation Store. You can then replace it as usual. But in addition to these bonuses, Sony also offers a new type of bonus with a loyalty system. These are the so-called “digital collector elements”.

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These digital collectibles are completely different images of things to do with PlayStation fans. This includes, for example, famous characters, various devices that have value for fans, and much more. The number of collectibles aims to grow steadily so that players always have a new object to work towards. Some collectibles will be more rare than others, which makes them especially desirable.

The PlayStation Stars system is currently still in the testing phase, but will be rolled out regionally in phases by the end of the year. Until then, Sony will keep in touch with fans and continue to serve them with updates, if something changes in the system. For now, however, the system appears to have been well received. Fans are also excited about the new opportunity to get free rewards for playing their favorite games.