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Thousands of grains froze - El Financiero

Thousands of grains froze – El Financiero

to Do not comply with the warning labeling rule, authorities freeze 380 thousand 149 Pieces of Cyril Kellogg on your scores Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes and Special K.

As a result of two operations carried out to ensure transparency and protect the health of the population, a total of 380 thousand and 149 pieces of products were frozen. precautionary measure for non-compliance with the NOM-051 standard for food labels,” the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (Cofepris) and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) noted in a joint statement.

They detail that product discovery has taken place in visits to verify compliance with the standard and to verify that consumers have been properly informed of the products they are purchasing.

They present irregularities in their packagingSuch as removing extra calories or adding sugar stamps and highlighting legends or interactive images on products with warning seals. The authority indicated that the national regulation requires the announcement of nutritional information in clear, visible and indelible letters and in different colors.

The first arrest took place at 75 points of sale, which froze 900082 items. The second procedure was carried out at the distribution center located in El Marqués, Querétaro, where non-compliance was identified on the labels, resulting in the confiscation of 371,067 pieces of the product.

The products that have been frozen in the operations carried out at the national level are:

  • Kellogg’s brand of cornflakes.
  • Granular Corn Flakes Added With Vitamins And Iron, Kellogg’s Brand Granulated Bread.
  • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Brand Rice Kellogg’s Rice Krispies.
  • Wheat, Corn and Rice Cereals, with Vitamins and Minerals, Natural Flavor with Kellogg’s Special K Original Whole Grain.
  • Wheat, corn, rice, oatmeal and wheat bran cereal with almonds, vanilla flavor with almonds and natural vanilla extract with whole grains, Kellogg’s Special K Equilibrio brand.
  • Wheat, corn, rice, oatmeal, wheat bran cereal with red berries, vitamins and minerals, raspberry and blackberry flavor with whole grains, Kellogg’s Special K brand for antioxidants.
  • Wheat, corn, rice, and oatmeal cereal mixed with flakes topped with a layer of chocolate flavor and flavors of whole-grain latte and coffee, Kellogg’s Special K Energy.
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